Designed just for you and your beloved!

This price includes a few meetings to get it right-  In person or over Skype, I will interview you and get what I need to craft your perfect, personalised wedding ceremony.  I will issue you surveys and mine your memories, I will get to the nitty-gritty of what you and your beloved want for your special day.  I will help you find readings and enactments that are "just right" and express the tone and feeling that you are after.  I can help you write personal vows, and keep them secret from you beloved until the ceremony. I will provide you with a copy of the ceremony before hand, and you are welcome to make changes. My beloved hubby will come along with the PA system, and be the sound man for the ceremony.  We will liaise with your vendors and will provide advise on local services, and locations. I will help you involve loved ones and special people in your life. Price includes rehearsal, if required.  Request my contract for more details, message me if you have any questions, additional cost for handmade hand-fasting cords, enactment goodies and travel. 

It only takes 3 days to get a license to Wed...

Are you visiting Golden Bay and want to marry? Do you live here, and want something small and intimate?  What a good idea!  For this price, I will perform a personalised and memorable romantic ceremony!  You and your beloved, and up to eight guests, at a location of your choice.  Additional costs may apply, if I supply the witnesses. I can assist you to find an affordable photographer, the perfect indoor or outdoor Golden Bay venue, romantic accommodation and a mini wedding cake for two! Please contact me today to talk and plan your elopement! 

30 minutes

This is not the creative option, but when we part, you will be well and truly wed! A registry-style ceremony has a set cost ($150 for the licence, and $150 for the ceremony) and uses a standard vows/script.

I perform registry-style weddings in my garden, if it is fine, or in the parlour of my home.  You need to bring 2 witnesses with you, and arrive at an agreed time. I am proud to offer this convenient and affordable service in Golden Bay! 

It is possible to get married at another location. Mileage will apply if further than 10km from Takaka Township. The number of guests is limited, and some rules apply.  A wonderful alternative to the old registry office in Nelson!

To celebrate an anniversary, or JUST BECAUSE!

I will work with you to create a special occasion that truly celebrates your existing relationship.  I haven't added a price here, because needs vary.  From a small, intimate re-commitment ceremony- to a huge family event, where I bring my 2 speaker PA system and my sound man...we can play your music, and even MC the party.  Contact me now to bounce some ideas around and get a price estimate.  


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